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Mobilink Software hires the best professional , acquires the best technology , and maintains the best relationships with operators to give you the best mobile services . We listen to you and use our experience to help you achieve your goals and make your business successful.

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About Mobilink

This strength is reflected in the Service Level Agreements we are able to provide to our customers and also in the pricing structure we offer.

Mobilink Software has invested considerable resources in creating a complete customer service offering. Through our telecom expertise, bundled with our development ,infrastructure maintenance , and customer support center , we offer a one stop – shop with end to end solution

Mobilink Software is among the leaders in providing effective, efficient and responsive two-way SMS (Short Messaging Service) text messaging software applications (desktop tools) and services provider (SMS aggregator) for wireless communication.

Mobilink Software‘s Bulk SMS gateway services are integrated seamlessly with all mobile carrier networks and all mobile phone users around India using top rung direct mobile carrier connections and partnerships with SMS aggregators, giving us the unmatched capability to deliver your messages to all the networks in India . Mobilink Software , founded in 2003, is operating on wireless technologies since 2003 as a short messaging portal and is already serving many registered online users in India and a fast growing number of blue chip and high tech corporate customers in India.

Our dedication to always providing first class products and services has ensured that Mobilink Software now occupies a very strong position in the SMS marketplace.

Our services

Bulk SMS Using GSM Modem

Desktop SMS Software

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Managed Service

Other services


We are always looking for partners and resellers throughout the world. Our products and services can be used to reach mobile users in every country on the Planet. We are interested in working with you to provide valuable SMS text messaging services for your customers or to provide you with sales commissions for recommending our service to others.

We are looking for partners around the globe , who can use our expertise in SMS management . You are always welcome for any kind of alliance with Mobilink software .


Our resellers interface allows the reseller to sell our SMS, text messaging solutions in a specific market and provide consulting services to its clients totally under his branding. You would get a sales commission from us and you would also generate billable hours for the valuable support you offer to your client. Our resellers must adhere to strict standards that we publish and must be certified. This also requires a minimum monthly financial commitment. The reseller is responsible for billing and first level support for direct customers and support and training of its clients.

For more information on becoming a our Reseller please mail us with all your contact information. One of our representatives will contact you shortly.

Products Offered By Mobilink Software

Mobilink Software is among the leaders in providing effective, efficient and responsive two-way SMS (Short Messaging Service) text messaging software applications (desktop tools) and services provider (SMS aggregator) for wireless communication.

Mobilink Software has developed many applications for corporate and business integrating their own applications and making their software sms enabled . Above are the some of the applications ( services ) listed but any inquiry for a specific task is always welcome. At Mobilink  our team is always ready for some new challenging applications on SMS .

   Web SMS Desktop Software : 

With our Web SMS Desktop Software you extend the power of SMS to your desktop. This is feature rich software is easy to install and use. It has a familiar look and feel, .This software has a database connection , so its very convenient for business and corporate use . The software was designed to facilitate quick group and individual messaging.

Many corporate are using this software and are very happy as all their SMS needs are looked after by the Web SMS Desktop Software

  Features of Web SMS Desktop Software :

Additional features are:

Creation of distribution groups.
Easy integration with Excel
Quick messaging to large groups (up to 20000/group)
and individuals.
Personalized messaging.
Detailed reporting and even printing of all sent and received messages.

  Salient features of Advance SMS System   :

AdvanceSMS is a Computer based SMS Management System

AdvanceSMS works with and without Internet , no need to keep Internet on , saves internet , Phone bills.

AdvanceSMS can Send & Receive any number of SMS through Computers

AdvanceSMS creats Address book & maintains contacts according to group.

Advance SMS can schedule SMS i.e. A particular SMS can be send at a particular time , schedule can be on particular Date / Time , Daily , Weekly, Monthly,Yearly

AdvanceSMS can ‘Merge SMS’ i.e If you want to send payment reminder to list of dealer , you have to just click one button and the computer will automatically send particular amount to the respective dealer.

AdvanceSMS is a 24 Hours ON Interactive system :
If a customer have any Query he can just send on SMS to system & system will automatically generate a response to particular query , no human interaction is required . For example , If customer want rates of particular product , he send SMS as ‘Rates < product name>’ , Computer will automatically send the rates of particular product.

   Applications of Advance SMS System   :


It can be used as most effective means for Advertising the product
It can be used to announce the launch of a new product
It can be used to announce Scheme to customer
It can used to communicate / Educate Employees.
It can be used to send payment reminders to dealers / customers.
It can be used to send seasonal greetings to customer & many more …………………….

  Mobilink’s Group Emailing Software : Express Automailer

For Personalized Group Mailing

More than 30000 + Users worldwide

“Best Bulk Emailing Software” 

Figuring out how to communicate with your customers is what can make or break your business. One of the best ways to reach your customers, leads and prospects is by email. With the help of our class leading email marketing ,Mobilink’s Express Automailer software , you can make email work for you!

With Express Automailer you can easily create, grow and deepen your relationships with customers, market your products and services globally, expand your online presence and web site effectiveness with newsletters, permission marketing and much much more.

Mobilink’s Express Automailer Software is fast, powerful yet simple to use email software designed primarily for bulk mail ( group mail ) applications in which the sender and recipient have an existing relationship, a retailer’s customer base, a physician’s list of patients, a newsletter publisher’s subscriber list, and an insurance agent’s client roster. The software makes easy your email list management and distribution.

*   Mobilink’s Express Automailer Software is Very easy application to send e-mail to lots of recipients ( Bulk Mail ) .
*   It is ideal for newsletters, targeted marketing, and keeping in touch with clients.
*   Appropriate to send email to single or a large number of recipients using your SMTP Mail sever.
*   Each e-mail is sent to each email individually, In other words, each recipient can only see himself . No Cc or Bcc
*   Supports attachment of any format.
*   Supports multi-attachments. Both text and html formats are supported.
*   Accepts a list of recipients from Text files, from Excel Sheet.
*   Automatically remove duplicate email addresses.
*   You can send emails with recipient’s name.
*   Professional user interface, very easy to use, can be set up in few minutes.

Free Demo : Please contact Admin Department for free demo , with your full details . We will provide you Username/Password .

   Mobilink’s Email Extraction Software : Email Spider Bond 007

The Perfect tool for Email extraction
” Best software for Email Marketing “

Email Spider Bond 007 –
Email Spider Bond 007 is a smart and very effective tool for fast and reliable way to build targeted email lists using the web itself. Email Spider is a professional high-speed targeted email address extractor tool. With this software, you can easily extract email addresses from the website specified by you. All websites in directories are usually reviewed by editors before they can be shown online; websites are categorized according to target industries. So you can spider a specific directory or website to make your mailing list more targeted.

The process of email extraction is very simple. Type in the URL of a website in the Email Spider, from which you want to extract emails. Email Spider will automatically fetch all the available email addresses from these websites and create a bulk emailing list for your email marketing campaign. You can save this list and use it with your Mobilink’s Express Mailer. The email extractor can very efficiently create big email lists as it works on integrated multi-threading capability.

You can create huge targeted bulk email marketing lists with this e-mail address extractor. The Email spider is a very easy-to-use email extracting software utility to create targeted consumer mailing lists for mass email advertising or for sending newsletters to your subscribers.

A very smart email spider which scans the web for email addresses and saves them in a file. The queries of search engines is also possible. Email Spider can scan the entire Internet. But you can configure it, so that it searches only websites of a desired target group.

You just have to indicate the start URL and the software can do its job on its own.

*    Multithreading. Multiple web sides can be scanned simultaneously. You can use your full band width.

*    Unlimited size of the lists. URL- and email lists of several million elements are possible.

*    Easy to use.

*    Smart because of our outstanding “Smart Search Mechanisms”. You’ll find twice as many email addresses in the same time.

*    Integrated self defending mechanism which recognizes websites which contain non valid email addresses intentionally or can     generate these dynamically.

*    Fast.

*    Queries of search engines is possible.

*    Graphical display of the found email addresses.

*    Limited segmentation of the email addresses is possible.

*    Scan behavior fully adjustable.

*    Project based. You can stop the product anytime you want and continue at a later time. Several projects can be accomplished at the same time.

*     Help is available.

*    Time steered backup possible.

*    Log file

*    Doubled domain names or email addresses will be ignored.

*    Stops automatically when the Internet connection is interrupted.

You just have to indicate the start URL and the software can do its job on its own. Collect unlimited emails from a single site or spider will visit all the links from the mentioned URL .After collection of email send emails to the collected address through our award winning Express Automailer. The details of Auto mailer software can be found at www.mobilink.co.in/expressmailer.html

Free Demo : Please contact for free demo , with your full details .

Download from Mobilink Software

Mobilink Software offers some of its software demo for download , Please note these are the demo version of the software .


Available SMS Packages

Silver Pack

Rs.1500001 month
  • 2500 SMS Credits

Gold Pack

Rs.2750003 months
  • 5000 SMS Credits

Platinum Pack

Rs5000006 months
  • 10000 SMS Credits


Mobilink Software is having online account in HDFC as well as in ICICI Bank .
The details of the account are given below , Please transfer the fund to any of these account

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       After tranfering the amount to any of the account please inform us telephonically or by email .
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